Banana Croton

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The Banana Croton is a member of the Codiaeum variegatum family of hundreds of slightly different colors and types.  The Banana Croton claim to fame is it's lance shaped green leaves with yellow spots. It's striking look almost makes up for it's fussy nature. It likes to be left in one place so decide where you want it and leave it for a good long while.  You can rehome it to another spot but prepare for a few leaves to drop off as it adjust to it's new lighting sources.  Also fussy on water as it likes a little moisture but doesn't do well with wet soil.  Temperamental for sure but a cool addition to a home or office! 


sun-sole-md.pngCrotons need bright light.  6 hours of sunlight or bit more per day.  However in the hotter part of the day it would be wise to provide some shade as leaves can burn.  You can put it in a lower light scenario and it           will survive but the colors will not be as vibrant and bright. 

watering-can-symbol-vector-18722081.jpgThe banana croton is pretty sensitive on it's watering needs as well.  Give it a well draining soil and extra water and misting as it gets warmer outside.  You will know it needs watered when the top of the soil is dry to the touch.  It does not handle soggy soil well so try to keep that balance between moist and wet. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review