Gold Dust Croton

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The Gold Dust Croton(Codiaeum variegatum) plant is a bright, tropical houseplant that has splashes of yellow on its green leaves.   It is native to the Pacific Islands, Northern Austraila and Malaysia.. In these warm, tropical locations the Banana Croton grows into large, outdoor shrubs.  In other climates though people keep them indoors in small or large pots.  This is a slow growing plant that typically reaches a maximum height of around three feet tall. The splash of yellow color they add to any room or plant display is stunning.  


  sun-sole-md.png This plant loves the sun.  If you are growing indoors it will need bright light to survive.  Also make sure the plant is kept above 60 degrees as it is very sensitive to cold and drafts.  Bit of a "spoiled princess".


 watering-can-symbol-vector-18722081.jpg  The gold dust croton is pretty sensitive on it's watering needs as well.  Give it a well draining soil and extra water and misting as it gets warmer outside.  You will know it needs watered when the top of the soil is dry to the touch.  It does not handle soggy soil well so try to keep that balance between moist and wet. 





(No reviews yet) Write a Review