Petra Croton

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A bright burst of color on deep green leaves, the Croton Petra is a popular indoor plant as easy to care for as it is to love. Commonly known as the Croton Petra or botanically as codieaum variegatum, this plant is coveted for the auburn, scarlet, and lemon colored veins that mark its bright, bushy foliage. In the wild they can grow up to 10 feet tall.  In a container or pot you can control the growth to your desired size. Crotons are slow growing and fairly picky, needing bright sun but a little shade coverage in hottest part of day. They are sensitive to cold as well so when kept inside keep away from drafty or cooler areas.  


sun-sole-md.png Crotons need bright light.  6 hours of sunlight or bit more per day.  However in the hotter part of the day it would be wise to provide some shade as leaves can burn.  You can put it in a lower light scenario and it           will survive but the colors will not be as vibrant and bright. 

watering-can-symbol-vector-18722081.jpg  Water weekly typically but let dry out entirely between waterings.   Crotons love humidity though so you can mist it weekly or place in well lit bathroom with moisture.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review