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About Us

Plant & Paw 

Plant & Paw has been around since 2002, starting primarily with the pets part although plants have always been a big hobby on the side that eventually lead to this culmination! Initially we had doggy daycares and pet sitting/dog walking services which grew into grooming shops and mobile grooming.  Eventually we also added our online retail store with bakery treats for pets. We have always been all natural and included our love of plants whenever we could with them now taking a 50/50 part in this business.  We have a long history of knowledge and experience to call upon to create the most seamless experience we can for our clients whether your purchase is for plants, pet supplies and treats or all three.

If you live in the Kansas City area and would like to pick up your purchases that can be arranged by contacting 

Locally we also offer our pet sitting, dog walking or mobile grooming services please visit our local site