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Live  Houseplants

Live Houseplants

3 different aerial view plant pics showing 3 different size options of plants.  Mini  4", Medium 6-8", Mature 10 " +

We specialize popular tropical and succulent houseplants to enhance the beauty of your living space. Our plants are available in three different stages to cater to your preferences:

Mini : These plants are at the beginning of their journey. If you like to help your plants grow up and out this is likely your size. 


Medium: Plants that are growing out of the smaller grow pot but aren't fully grown.  They require less care and are just more stable than the mini size. 


Mature: For those seeking a healthy, almost full grown plant It's just looking for it's perfect spot! 

Explore our diverse collections, from pet-friendly options to office plants, if you're undecided. Rest assured, our plants are thriving and in good health. Access our numerous educational resources on plant care and more to support you in your plant parenting journey. The plants you want delivered right to your doorstep!