Bone Broth Cookie - Original Bite


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Bone Broth:


-full of minerals, including magnesium and calcium. 


-full of collagen and gelatin which are good for his hair,skin, and joints.


-various flavors like chicken, turkey, beef, pork,and even bison and wild game can be used to make bone broth.





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Homemade broth slow cooked for 36 hours using Human Grade bones, Carrots, Celery, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oil, Parsley and Turmeric. Once done, it is strained and all bones and pieces are removed by hand. Triple checked for any bones or particles. The meat from the bones , fat, skin and fibers are fine chopped with the cooked vegetable and made into our Meat/Veggie Bites. The other’s are made from Vegetables that are either Fresh, Frozen or Canned depending on availability of fresh. Using fresh oat flour, broth and veggies are combine into a savory bite. Each batch is sampled by both Emmett (our 4 year old Great Dane Mix) and I taste for “quality control”. We only use Human Grade - All Natural ingredients.



















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    Posted by Kathleen Parker on 3rd Oct 2022

    My Bichon loves these treats. They are the best