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Bone Broth Dog Treats - BeetsMe!


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Beets Bone Broth Bites


3 pictures showing how to make bone broth

Our bone broth treats all use a similar process-using our delicious but healthy and rich bone broth that we make fresh for every batch! Using only the best raw bones (beef marrow and smoked pork shank) we slow cook it with carrots, celery, parsley, olive oil, and turmeric) for 24 hours. Once done, we strain and remove all the cooked bone from the meat and cooked vegetables. The meat and veggies are then chopped up and used in our various flavored dog bone creations.  


Beets can be given to your dog in moderation, as are most things, and assists with digestion, skin and coat issues.  As a root vegetable you will find them in many commercial dog treats and/or foods.  It also gives the treats a little color, which never hurts!  



bone broth (beef marrow and smoked pork shank) we slow cook it with carrots, celery, parsley, olive oil, and turmeric), oat flour, bone meat a


Bone Broth:


-full of minerals, including magnesium and calcium. 


-full of collagen and gelatin which are good for his hair,skin, and joints.


-various flavors like chicken, turkey, beef, pork,and even bison and wild game can be used to make bone broth.