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Climbing Aloe Plant

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The Climbing Aloe or Aloiampelos ciliaris is a rapid-growing Aloe. It’s native to the tropical regions of South Africa.  It is a soft succulent which means that, although it can be planted and thrive outside, it cannot survive a hard frost.  If you live in an area that experiences a winter you will have to pull the Aloe in before freezing temperatures.

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 Climbing Aloe got it's name for the ability to grow up to 30 feet tall if supported correctly. It is a great beginner plant as it grows quickly and is pretty hard to kill.  It's unique long, tree like shape with long and fleshy roots and is a great addition to any plant collection! 

Climbing Aloe produces stunning orange/reddish tubular flowers when the conditions are right.  It can flower throughout the year actually but typically the minute cooler air starts to settles in that will stop the blooming.  


These guys like bright, direct or indirect sunlight to thrive                                                       

Like most succulents, infrequent watering.  Water soil completely and allow to dry out between waterings.