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Cyperus alternifolius, or schefflera, or "Umbrella" tree is a fast grower if you get it's sunlighth and watering needs met sufficiently.  It can get at least 6 feet high and it does look very tree l

Other common names: umbrella tree

This tree is a favorite around here because of its total height.  If it reaches at 6 ft possibility it will be much taller than your average plants and you can create a very distinct home decor statements with it

umbrella-tree-watering-needs-1-.png                    umbrella-tree-lighting-needs-1-.png

umbrella-tree-temp-needs-1-.png                   umbrella-tree-soil-needs-1-.png

 Overwatering:  these guys love the humidity but do not like being actually wet despite its name. Try not to make it rain under this umbrella

 Top heavy:  umbrella tree new growth will mainly occur at the top of a plant allowing it to branch further and further out the hire it goes hence its name umbrella.  However, if you are not paying attention or catch it early enough, it will become top heavy.  If it's not in a heavy enough pot to stabilize it, it will fall over. 

Spider mites scale insects, mealy bugs and aphids are all common insect problems the umbbrella tree can attract