Climbing Aloe

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The Climbing Aloe or Aloiampelos ciliaris is a rapid-growing Aloe formerly known as Aloe ciliaris. It’s native to the tropical regions of South Africa.  It is a soft succulent which means that, although it can be planted and thrive outside, it cannot survive a hard frost.  If you live in an area that experiences a winter you will have to pull the Aloe in before freezing temperatures..


Climbing Aloe got it's name for the ability to grow up to 5 m if supported correctly. It is a great beginner plant as it grows quickly and is pretty hard to kill.  It's unique long, tree like shape with long and fleshy roots and is a great addition to any plant collection! 


sun-sole-md.png  These guys like bright, indirect sunlight to thrive! 

watering-can-symbol-vector-18722081.jpg  Like most succulents, infrequent watering.  Water soil completely and allow to dry out between waterings.  




(No reviews yet) Write a Review